Anything but typical

Right people. Right time. Right job. Curating talent is our business.

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Our family

Innovated and perfected in Germany to meet the needs of North America

Our origins and headquarters are in southern Germany.  With over 30 years of experience, it is our mission to bring together companies and career starters all over the world with our Career Solutions.  What distinguishes us is the quality and range of our development capabilities.  Our solutions are adapted to current market requirements, not educational theory.

We don’t think German,  we think global.  Based on this approach we have successfully internationalized the business model of SPECTRUM AG.  We now support the curation of unique talent in the U.S. and Canada with SPECTRUM Talent Delivery.

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Our values.

What SPECTRUM stands for.

No matter where, no matter when or for what reason, our actions always are characterized through our three SPECTRUM values:

  • Talented
    Every company, every individual has talent.  We identify and build on those talents while supporting and developing areas of need.  We work to bridge the gap allowing full potential to be realized, driving all stakeholders to success.
  • Curated
    Through the identification, assessment and qualification process we select the right individuals and provide the development required for success. For our trainees. For our customers.
  • Integrated
    We see ourselves as the bridge between companies and hungry young talent. We bring together what belongs together by integrating talent and industry.
Steven Allard
Steven AllardCEO U.S. & Canada